Barbara Flexner is a versatile painter who mostly works from mental images.  Capturing the impression of a landscape, seascape or still life is what satisfies this artist.  The use of color in layers and complex compositions gives life to views of lakes, sea shores, marsh lands, forests, mountains and still life. 

The paintings are exuberant in their use of bright color and saturated tone.  Ms. Flexner applies paint with large brushes and flexible palette knives.  This is reflected in the looseness of detail and delicacy of line. 

Many of the subjects are imaginary sites, painted from compound memories.  They are meant to evoke a familiarity of place while at the same time providing the viewer with the sensation of having passed through what is being viewed. 

Whether working with watercolor on paper or acrylic on canvas this artist strives to create the impression of "having been there."